About this Starter Kit

Hi there. 👋 Thanks for your interest in my very first Statamic Starter Kit. For the past months, I wanted to get back to writing more. Clearing my mind, losing some unnecessary thoughts. I started with Ghost, because I did not want to create a theme or anything and just wanted to get started quickly.

Turns out, I'm kind of picky when it comes to themes. And I didn't like a single one they offered. So I said screw it, Statamic is better anyway. So let's just create a theme that I like for a system that I know.

What the heck is aero.zeppelin? 🧐

Finding a name... phew! I could have spend more time finding a name than actually building the template, setting everything up and putting it on the marketplace. Anyway, while thinking about something that doesn't sound too generic, I was listening to Nirvana's album Incesticide and I figured why not name it after a song. So yeah, here we are.

It's really minimalistic and I love it 🤩

You probably already noticed that, but it's the bare minimum you'd expect from a blog theme. And I really like it that way. No fancy gimmicks, no clutter and air to breath.

I'm already planning a few updates, for example a switch to "Light Mode" and a few minor refinements. I'm also open to feature requests, but only if they don't bloat the overall theme.

Hi, my name is...

My name is Andreas. I live in Hamburg, Germany. I run a small web-agency stella.projects and also created a few SaaS projects at ivy.mayhem. Some are quite popular already, like InPrivy and eniston, others like FeatureShift just launched. Check them out.